In every part of the world, there are kids looking for a place to call their home. Today, I am here to talk you about a house called Karosta Kids, in Latvia.
Karosta Kids is an organization where you can easily find talented kids with bad familiar backgrounds. I want to share my story with you:

My name is Tatjana Tarasova and I am one of the Karosta Kids’ founders. The reason why I work in karosta is related to my past.

When I was young, there was nobody who could help me. I went to a boarding school and my dream was to become a psychologist, but my mother was not able to support me. It seemed like my life was ruined at the age of 16 when I ran away from home, where my step-father abused me. I was hoping to find love and support in getting married.

When I was 17, I gave birth to my daughter. I had no education, no accommodation, and no skills to live. All I had was disappointment and broken dreams. My self-confidence was too low to believe that I could actually reach something in my life. But someone else believed in me. God put a christian in my way, who believed in me and invested the first 100 dolars so I could enter an university. And now I want to pay forward what once was given to me when I most needed it: support, inspiration, faith, and a chance to be creative instead of criminal.

karosta kids

This is my story but it is exactly the same story for many other young people in Karosta. We are looking for others, who are ready to believe and give a chance for them to change their lives forever. And we do that believing that, like me, they will pay it forward when others need it.

So, my encouragement is for you to be able to hear, see and respond to the needs of others to change: change their life and start, finally, to be the story-makers of their life.
These kids are the future of one of the most beautiful regions in Latvia: Karosta. The only thing they need is someone to give them back the hope they lost.

Join us 🙂

Support creativity: 

Reg.nr. 40008180946
Adress: Turaidas 4-1N, Liepaja, LV3414
Bank Account: LV26UNLA0050017389379,
Adress of bank: Baznicas street 4/6, Liepaja, LV-3401

Thank you!

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