Karosta: A vision of a volunteer


My name is Julius and I have the honor to be a part of the youth organization “Karosta Kids“. My choice of being an EVS (European Volunteering Service) -Volunteer lead me to a place, full of history, differences and beauty.

Karosta, which used to be one of the most important military bases of the Sovieetic Union, is now home for a variety of people from Liepaja. When I first came to Karosta I had an uncomfortable feeling. The individual region of Liepaja was considered as the poor, ugly and criminal part of the city, but as soon as I learned more about the history, the nature which surrounds Karosta and, most importantly, the people, I changed my mind really quickly. Not just the magic of the parks, historical buildings or the enjoyable beaches are so special, the amazing people who live here are the reason why Karosta is a place of its own.

karosta kids

Even though Karosta creates an incredible atmosphere, it is still a place of differences: A lot of kids are facing poor and criminal backgrounds, don’t have a home or struggling with their life’s on a daily base. Many kids don’t have a future!

Seeing, on the one hand, the immense potential Karosta has, but seeing, in the other side, the struggle some kids need to face, touches me personal and strengthen my ambitions to make this place as incredible as it should be.

“Karosta Kids” is a wonderful experience so far and is a great opportunity to support and help the kids in any way possible. The most important thing for me is try to create a place which they can call “home“. I shared experience, memories and made new friends here.

This experience changed my life and I hope I will be able to change someone else’s. I hope I can give the Karosta kids a future!


One thought on “Karosta: A vision of a volunteer

  1. Julius, KarostaKids was a home for me also for 3 years. I am so thankful for your heart that you have poured into KarostaKids and in the lives of so many. Keep up the good work!! – Andra (ex-director of KarostaKids)


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