Free english lessons in Karosta Kids

Thursday is time to improve our english, during one hour lesson, which starts at 5pm, in Karosta Kids Youth Center. The lessons are hold by our two international volunteers, Julius (Germany) and Tânia (Portugal) and everybody is invited to join us for free.

But now you may be thinking: “what do you do during those lessons?”. To put it simply: creative stuff!

For example, in our last lesson the main topic was: music! We learnt that :

  • Katy Perry is a huge fan of Queen;
  • Beethoven was deaf when he wrote the nineteenth symphony;
  • And a lot more!

To end up the lesson, our ‘teachers’ proposed us a final exercise:

freen english lessons in karosta

We did it! This was the final result:

Fan: Wow, you are like Enrique Iglesias!
Enrique Iglesias: Well, I am Enrique!
Fan: Really?
Enrique Iglesias: Yes. Do you want an autograph?
Fan: Yes, of course! And maybe a selfie with you?
Enrique Iglesias: If you want. But maybe you don’t put it on facebook.
Fan: Ok! Maybe you can go to Karosta Kids Youth Center…? It’s very interesting and funny!
Enrique Iglesias: I work as a volunteer there, now, and I will stay there for one year. Are you happy? 🙂
Fan: Oh that’s very… (run to the toilet and screams of excitement) Aaaaaaaaaah
Enrique Iglesias: Hmmm strange latvian people!
Fan: Call me. +371268…

The end

Don’t wait more. Join us!


Karosta kids


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