May all your dreams come true

6 months of volunteering work in Karosta showed us what the latvian nation doesn’t want to see: Karosta is a place with bad reputation but good heart.

We work in a Youth Center, called Karosta Kids. “The kids” are not “kids”. Most of them are 15-17 years old, but they didn’t have the chance to enjoy a childhood, which sumarizes pretty much one of the goals of the organization: to give the kids the hope they lost and the the life skills they hadn’t opportunity to improve.

You can check our daily Schedule below, by the way:

karosta kids schedule time

It’s not easy to be a teenager but, if your parents are no good role models, it can get unbereable to live.
We truly believe that the Karosta Kids’s stories are worth sharing and, in affection, ours too.

So here we go: some months ago, we decided to do an European Volunteering Service (EVS). We applied for some projects and, all of a sudden, Latvia called – they needed our help. We left our confort zone and flew here to an 11 months EVS project.
At this point, it’s not possible to express into words how much we care about our Karosta Kids. Unfortunately we’ll have to stop our good work before the expected time.  “Why?” – you may be wondering.
The project that brought us into Latvia is called Erasmus + and it is supported by the European Comission. Because of that, free accommodation and food has been provided to us. However, our organization (Karosta Kids) has other priorities, namely feed the youngsters and pay the bills of the Youth Center, and they are running out of money to keep us here.
If we don’t get the Money in 2 weeks, we may start saying: byebye german lessons on monday; byebye english lessons on thursday; byebye outdoor activities; byebye conversations about the Karosta Kids’future, the Karosta Kids’s broken hearts, the Karosta Kids’s generosity.
So, this is not another story of volunteers who demand to be paid for their volunteering work. No! This is another stype of story…of love, of willing to help.
In a nutshell:

  • If you can help us to help, we would appreciate it;
  • If  you are not sure about our intentions and would like to know more information, we are more than  available for a meeting or a skype call; Talk with us:
  • If you prefer to help other causes, then check the Karosta Kids’ other needs (clothing, food, electricity bill…): click here.

Thank you!

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