Who are we

Do you have 1 minute to get to know more about one of the best charitable organizations in Liepaja/Latvia? We’ll be brief:

#OUR NAME: Karosta Kids

#OUR TARGET: Youngsters with a criminal family background, who face poverty and social discrimination but, despite of that, make an everyday choice of being creative instead of criminal

#OUR SLOGAN: Support creativity not criminality

#OUR MISSION: To provide educational, emocional, physical and spiritual support to these teenagers in need, in order to give them future opportunities, help them break the cycle of poverty and decrease the criminal rate in Karosta.


#SERVICES WE OFFER: activities to improve life skills, such as english and german lessons, cooking and sewing workshops, movie evenings and more. Karosta Kids offers group counseling services as well as one-on-one mentoring to youth. We also provide training, individualized coaching and support, and numerous group activities to supplement the one-to-one support as well as numerous free time activities that increases their quality of living.

In a nutshell, Karosta Kids is on a mission to empowering youth at risk for a better future. Join us and make an investment in someone’s life. Don’t you want to change one’s whole world forever?

» Join us as a volunteer:

» Support us:
Reg.nr. 40008180946
Adress: Turaidas 4-1N, Liepaja, LV3414
Bank Account: LV26UNLA0050017389379,
Adress of bank: Baznicas street 4/6, Liepaja, LV-3401


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