A vision of a volunteer: Parte II


My name is Tânia Azevedo, I’m from Portugal and I’m working as a volunteer in the Youth Center, called Karosta Kids…and I’m loving every single minute.

Almost 5 months of working here I have that feeling of “belonging” with my Karosta Kids. But I think I need to tell you more about them. Continue reading


Karosta: A vision of a volunteer


My name is Julius and I have the honor to be a part of the youth organization “Karosta Kids“. My choice of being an EVS (European Volunteering Service) -Volunteer lead me to a place, full of history, differences and beauty.

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Creativity not criminality” is the new slogan of Karosta Kids, a youth organization which had received the award of one of the best organizations in Liepaja, in 2013.

In conversation with Tatyana Tarasova, the chairman of board, we can now share some of the activities which make the everyday life of Karosta Kids: Continue reading


In every part of the world, there are kids looking for a place to call their home. Today, I am here to talk you about a house called Karosta Kids, in Latvia.
Karosta Kids is an organization where you can easily find talented kids with bad familiar backgrounds. I want to share my story with you:

My name is Tatjana Tarasova and I am one of the Karosta Kids’ founders. The reason why I work in karosta is related to my past. Continue reading